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Welcome to [personal profile] heart_in_the_margins, general academic journal/thought storehouse/commonplace book for a graduate student in English Literature working her way through a six-year PhD program. Entries on this journal will range from prep for meetings with professors to early formulations of seminar paper arguments to thoughts on orals lists to perhaps slightly more fannish responses to the works I'm reading (I'm convinced that academia is really just one big fandom, albeit with slightly more arcane in-jokes and rules of member behavior). 

I care primarily about eighteenth-century British novels and novel paratexts (critiques, reviews, early theories of the novel, etc.) though I also have soft spots for everything from John Milton to the political/philosophical prose of the 1790s. Thematically, I'm most interested in issues surrounding the intersection(s) of gender presentation, generic convention, models of authorship/authorical personae, and the increasing authority of the novel as a genre. I'm also interested, though perhaps less programmatically, in novels of vocation, minority authorship, book and printing history, modes of reading, and popular literature.

If this sounds at all interesting, then please, feel free to subscribe! I'd appreciate an introduction if we don't already know each other -- especially if you also have an academic journal I might find interesting! -- but it isn't necessary.

At this point, it's my goal not to restrict the posts on this journal so that they can hopefully spark conversations with as wide an audience of readers as possible. I welcome any comments that are thoughtful and interested in participating in a conversation rather than an argument, and I'm really hoping that, in addition to being a place for me to take notes on what I think, this journal can be a place for getting feedback from others, and eventually participating in a larger community of internet-savvy academics on Dreamwidth and beyond.

Now, for the serious stuff: These posts may be public, but I don't want my real identity to be connected to them in any way. In order to keep this a safe space for tossing around ideas without worrying that they might someday be used against me, I need all the readers of this journal who know my real identity to refrain from connecting this journal to my real name and to my actual graduate school affiliation. In addition, while these posts are public, please do not reproduce them in whole or in part in any context without my express permission.


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